Chapter Ninety-Nine: A Fistful of Dust

Edward was poised to deliver a blow that Irian was pretty sure would cause his skull pretty serious damage when an idea hit him.  His left hand was on a piece of gravel.  No, sandstone, his hand’s sensors said.  He closed his hand on the piece of stone.

“You know what red blood and green blood make?  Brown!  You know what else is brown, Irian?  Do you?”

Irian’s left hand flashed in front of Edward’s eyes.  Sand flew into both of them-Edward had no time to react, and no reason to think that this attack was coming.  He screamed in rage.  His vision was completely blurred by the sand.

“Yes, sand is brown.  I thought you needed a better look at some of our world.”  Irian punched him in the throat.  There was no chance of Edward blocking, his windpipe simply collapsed momentarily under the force of the attack.  He started coughing.

“I’m betting that’s not enough to kill you, though.  Probably have a reinforcer in there or something.  You seem very hard to kill.”

Edward was laughing in amongst the coughing.  He couldn’t clear his eyes-Irian had flung too much sand into them.  Irian sidestepped him, and backhanded him to the ground.  He followed him down with one knee, the impact cracking a rib or two from the sound of it.  His opponent hadn’t stopped laughing.  Edward rolled to his side and got back up.  “Look at you, fighting like a monkey!  I’ll bet your wife still swings from-“

Irian’s metallic left foot made contact with Edward’s crotch at full extension.  He remembered to snap the foot, for maximum transference of force.  Apparently that move still worked.  Irian stomped his left knee.  Blood stained the cobbles-apparently he hadn’t spent enough on upgrades, he thought wryly.  He drew a sword.  Suddenly, Edward threw a punch from nowhere.  With little time to react, Irian blocked with his own metallic fist.  There was an ominous popping sound from each combatant’s wrists, though neither were flesh and blood.

“Stupid monkey!  Don’t you know enough to not try to breach a reactor?  You’ll kill all of us!”

“Good way to get you.”

“Hah, I’d possibly survive.  You, not so much.  Now I’ve got to fix that hand.  I like that hand!”

“What, yours won’t fix itself?”

“Of course it won’t-what?  Do you mean to tell me yours will?  You mean a monkey made self-healing limbs?”

“Apparently I have got you beat.  How about you cut this out, and I kill you like a normal opponent?”

“Pah, as if I can be beaten by a mere monkey.  You’ll hear from me again.”  A smoke bomb he had concealed somewhere went off, and when the smoke cleared, Edward was nowhere to be found.

“Don’t forget, Irian, I’ll see you at Loch Lomond!  It’ll be such a beautiful reunion, all the monkey family will be there!  His last words hung in the air, stinging Irian.  Edward was strong, very strong.  And apparently he knew something that he shouldn’t know.  How did he know?  Irian had to make it there first.

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