Chapter Ninety-Eight: Undone

The slender man had almost made the edge of battle when a blue beam streaked by either side of him.

“Your aim is poor, James.  Arms poorly calibrated?”

“I thought they were doing rather well.  Just swapped to them.”

“I’ve no plans to fight with you, doctor.  I have something worth looking at, and that’s what I’m out to do.  Also, I think I’m going on a sightseeing trip.”

“You never were one for sights, Edward.”

“No, not generally.  I feel like a tour of the British Isles.  Beautiful country, you know.”

“Yes, when you’re not dropping rods onto it from low earth orbit.  What do you want?”

“Plenty of things.  Murder, mayhem, pillaging, and the destruction of these weak people so we can live like we were intended.  Also, I’ve a bit of curiosity.”

“About what?”

“What’s so important about Loch Lomond.”

“None of your business.”  The words came from a figure that had placed itself in the path of Edward while he had turned to talk to James.  Edward stepped back and looked him over.

“Oh, it’s you!  I must tell you, your other arm says hi!  So interesting, your genetics.  Interesting enough I need more samples.  Lots more, I think.  I’d love to see what makes you tick.”

“You’re not smart enough to figure it out.”  Irian smiled coldly at him.  “Come on, I developed my own version of your tech without you.  I think it’s completely beyond you.”

Edward’s face darkened.  “Stupid monkey.  What I know would split your head like a melon.”

“Also, that’s my friend’s sword.”

“Then take it back, you base ape!”  He swung the blade at Irian’s face.  Irian moved aside as if it weren’t there.  He swung again.  A blade flashed out to block, its flat expertly parrying the blade.  Irian yawned.

“Do you think I’m joking?”

“Yes, actually.  You’re slow, and you seem to be a little daft.  Also, you’re using a weapon that you’re unfamiliar with.  If you’ve got something to say, say it.  If you want to fight, put that down and actually fight.  Otherwise, I’m going to ram these blades through your chest and go find something to eat.”

“Eat?  You mean there’s no reactor in there?  This is rich…”

He unzipped a cuff around the armpit of each sleeve on his coat, and his sleeves fell off.  Along his arms, small ports opened up, and a burst of bright particles vented.  “Your tech is already antiquated.”

‘Why don’t you pick up a weapon-”  Irian’s sentence was cut off by a fist to the face.  Whatever he had done, he had gotten a lot faster.  Blood flowed freely from his mouth and nose.  Where Edward’s flowed blue, and Namid’s flowed red, his flowed green-a fact that surprised and amused Edward.

“You monkeys are so full of surprises.  Wait till I get your children into my lab-I wonder what color blood they’ll have!”

Irian’s eyes focused on Edward.  He put his blades back in their sheaths.  Edward threw another punch, but Irian grabbed his fist with his right hand.  It held fast against Edward pulling on it.  He threw another punch, and Irian caught it.  Edward pushed.  Irian didn’t budge.  He pushed harder.  Irian still gave no ground.  The vents on his arms flared, and he broke Irian’s grip.  “No reactors.  So pitiful.”

Irian stepped back a pace.  Remebering his training, he widened his stance.  Edward noticed.

“Now who’s using a weapon they’re not familiar with?”  Edward dropped into a boxer’s stance and aimed a fist at his solar plexus.  It impacted, but the effect was not what he had hoped for.  Irian’s left elbow came down on his shoulder, and he landed in the dirt.

“I grew up among a people who I had nothing in common with.  They didn’t speak my language, know my stories of care about my gods.  You think I didn’t get used to a fistfight?”  Irian threw a right cross of his own.  It impacted Edward’s jaw, and his lip split.  Blue blood dripped from his smiling mouth.  “I don’t think you have a full understanding of what you’re getting into.”  A right uppercut dropped his opponent to his knees.  He got back up quickly though-it was evident that this man had seen more than one hard fight.  Irian found himself off guard from the attack that Edward launched as soon as he reached a crouch from the ground.  Whatever his fists were (and he didn’t think that they were flesh and blood) they hurt.  Very, very badly.  Irian tried to maneuver his left arm into taking the shots as best he could, but Edward was good.  Too good.  Eerily good.  Over and over, his forearms landed against Irian’s blocks, beating him down to his knees.

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