Deployment and Usage of the Damocles LEO Weapon System Introduction Booklet

*This text was found lying on the floor in James’s cabin, scribbled upon in places, with large amounts of formulas depicting potential energy and trajectories.  It had been studied almost to the point of falling apart.*

The Damocles LEO (Low Earth Orbit) Weapon System offers a heavy initial strike that most opponents will never see coming-indeed, who can fight the heavens?  By utilizing tungsten rods dropped from a low earth orbit, we can avoid such incidents as the 1945 bombings in Japan, the 2014 “dirty bomb” attacks on the Eastern US or the 2021 obliteration of the Indian peninsula.  This system utilizes no radioactives save the same ones that power almost all of our technology-and those only to control the satellites that do the work.  Without the issues of nuclear fallout, a shock force can be deployed immediately after the drop, with subsequent rods ready in as little as fifteen standard minutes.

The shock and awe factor is not to be denied here as well-with the rods achieving velocities of Mach 10, no explosives are necessary to wreak total devastation upon multiple targets.  If compatibility with ground troops is needed, the Damocles LEO platform also carries smaller versions of the ordinance that can be mass-dropped, offering significant damage and loss of life while leaving terrain mostly intact (in the case of protecting a bunker, for instance.)  As this is a simple familiarization guide, the main specifics are presented, while the more in-depth information is covered in the deployment and launch guidebooks. 

Salient specs for the Damocles support satellite are found within that specific deployment manual.  Exact loadout and field configurations are covered by the manual for such systems.

Damocles heavy weapons satellite general information:

Main projectile: Thermal coated tungsten pillar, 120cm x 6m.  Average number carried is three.

Secondary projectiles:  25cm thermal coated tungsten spheres, 120 to a core, 12 cores per satellite.  10cm x 2m thermal coated tungsten rods, 60 to a core, 24 cores per satellite.  Silver iodide carriers, two rings that detach and disperse silver iodide over a wide area, ensuring cloud cover and poor visibility in areas planned for bombardment.  Average number is three, one per pillar.

Damocles is designed as a first-use weapon of aggression-with its wait times and low capacities, it must therefore be used as an opening assault.  Studies of attempts to use it as reactionary fire often have shown the number of casualties on both sides to be 100%, so it is recommended that no troops be in the area you wish to fire upon. 

Those scientists who have contributed to Damocles each have their own take on the weapon-

*The document is torn, and the rest of the pages are missing.  On one margin towards the end is the line “where is it?” which undoubtedly references James’s attempts to stop the bombardment before it happened.*



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