Chapter Eighty-Three

James stood in the doorway of their shared cabin.

“Did he tell you about rummaging in the pantry while you were out?  We’ll have to put ashore to get more food,as he spilled a good amount of what we have getting that mouse.  Would that he didn’t have those wings.  We can’t catch him since he flaps off when he’s caught himself one.”

“Well, friend, it sounds like you need some shore leave to stretch your wings.  As do I-though Manadwydan may have blessed me, he didn’t give me fins.”

“Well, that makes three of us,” Namid interjected.  “I’m well tired of fish.  I could stand to do some hunting.”

“Last I checked, you’ve been removed form active duty.  I’ll consult the healers to see if we can allow that, but I do believe Irian would be up to the task.  How do you feel, by the way?”

“He feels like death, right?”  Elanor wheeled into the room, carrying a small red-faced bundle.  She held it close as she wheeled over to Irian.  “It’s hard to believe, but you were right.  The nerves and blood supply were enough.  But you’ll hurt for a long time while you’re getting used to it.  Bother me not, I’m in your cursed chair.  I simply came to check on my patient.”

“And to show off your daughter, I see.”

“And what of it?  I think she’s a marvelous accomplishment.”

“I agree completely.”

Irian stood up.  There was no trace of weakness in his stance.  “Then it’s settled.  We go ashore.  Where are Thor and Hariel?”

“They haven’t made it in yet.  They’re in meeting with the newest member of our mutant family.”

“She’s right there in Elanor’s arms.”

“I meant the new strategist we brought aboard.  We think there’s hope in Africa.  A place to make a stand, to make sure humanity isn’t overrun.”

“So I take it our new recruit is from Africa, then?”

“Yes.  You’ll meet her soon.  In fact, a little shore leave together might help you two bond.”

“I do have a question for you, though.”  Elanor leaned close to tap the arm’s silver layer.  “Why silver?”

“Two reasons.  The first is cleanliness-silver kills most bacteria, or so your data told me.”

“And the second?”

“Prince Nuada’s favored weapon is an arm made of silver called Airgeadlamh.  Seemed a fitting name, as I’m left handed.”

“You say it as though it’s a fact.”


“Maybe we should feed you to it.”


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