Chapter Seventy-Eight

Ouray and Musashi were elsewhere in the ship, drinking tea.

“This isn’t as good as my normal tea, you know.”

“True, but would James let you build a fire in the hold of the ship?”

“Could he stop me?”

“I’ll take that bet.  I’ve got a flint and steel right here.”  He dug around in the pouch on his side.  “Yoshio, you’re the worst influence.”

Musashi smiled.  “And how is your sister?  She and Irian have made quite the couple, no?”

Ouray continued striking the flint against the steel.  Sparks were falling into a pile of notes from the morning’s briefing.  “She’s happy with him.  I think this was what they needed-their quarrels were nothing more than figuring it out.”

“I’m glad to see you figured it out.  If you make it to my age, you’ll see some things instantly.”  He drained his cup of tea.  “If you want to make a fire, use the proper fuel.”  He reached into his robe and withdrew a gourd.  As he poured a dash of fluid onto the pile of documents, it blazed to life.  “Care to join me?”

“And what do you have there?”

Nihonshu.  Sweet wice rine, if you’re asking how it’s made.”  He refilled his teacup with the wine.  “It is best served in the company of one’s closest friends.  How many years is it now?”

Ouray offered his cup.  “Is it not customary to pour for your friends?  I’ll take that, and take my cup.  The least I can do for these last twenty years is remember how to respect a friend.”

Musashi smiled.  “Twenty years.  I remember the day you held Namid, new-born, and reminded us all that in her was hope for the future.”  He passed the cup to Ouray.

“And I do believe I was correct, though I didn’t know how.  I believe she has something important to tell Irian.”

Musashi covered his cup.  “You do not mean?”

“Yes, yes I do.  I drink to their future.  Our future.  And the hope that we have twenty more years as friends.”

They both drained their cups and burst into laughter.

“Are they ready to fight?”

“I think we need to talk to them.  It’s been far too long since the young ones have let us have any fun.”

“In that case, my friend, let us finish this wine.  Such is wasted on the young.”

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  1. This is turning into an epic novel! I found that people are self publishing novels into ebooks on barnes and noble for the nook and I think you can do it for the kindle too! Just thought I’d give you a heads up. Also I have over a thousand ebooks on my nook color. Got most for free on demonoid. lemme know if you want me to send you an invite so you can download them. I use Calibre to convert them and side load them onto my nook,
    How are the kittychickens

    Blessings and keep the shiny side up,

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