Chapter Seventy-Six

Elanor made herself as comfortable as her belly would allow.

“I’m sure you know what the blue blood is, scientifically, right?”

Irian nodded.  “A highly efficient energy transport system, better than our own red blood.”

“I doubt your blood is all red any more, but yes.  It’s a blood substitute.”

“Why a substitute?”

“Simply put, we did some experiments that went horribly wrong.  We experimented on the earth, the air, the plants, the animals.  And somehow the planet got angry with us about it.  We always though we’d kill off the planet with our industry, but instead the planet fought back.  Cities were consumed by forests.  Predators grew larger and more intelligent.  Even the plants tried to kill us if we went outside.  So we adapted.  We made our bodies stronger, faster, more resilient.  But in the end it wasn’t enough.  Nature was going to win.  So we felt the best way to deal with it was to go back in time and prevent it from happening.”

“Go… back in time?”  Irian drank more.  “I need more of this, I’m not drunk yet.  I just heard you say you travelled through time.”

“Well, we thought we did.  But nothing’s lining up.  There’s so much familiar, and so much that doesn’t seem right.  Like the dragon.”

“Lot of ’em.”

“As you said. Well, when we got here, we decided we’d make it a one-way trip and take over.”

“How perfectly officious of you.”

“I wasn’t even born yet when that decision was made.  And my father opposed it.  I simply knew that wen we came through that I went from a life of ease into a life of hardship, and I wanted to go back.  However, this world has plenty to speak for it, and I’ve finally decided my father was right.  If we ruined our world, so be it.  This one isn’t ours.”

“Ever thought about sharing?”

“Funny that, that’s the problem with the Harvest.  They think they’re better than you, so they’re not interested in sharing.  They just want to take, take, take.  They’ll do this world like they did the last.”

“Maybe it wasn’t their first.”

“Maybe it wasn’t, at that.”  Elanor shifted uncomfortably.  “Is James ever coming?”

At that, James stepped in from the doorway holding Cairbre.  “This cat thing has been terrorizing the cook again.  What do you have to say for yourself?”

Cairbre looked at him, and as though he understood, bawled “Brawwwk brawwwk *burp* brrrt!”  Everyone collapsed in laughter.

“Now say you’re sorry, Cairbre.  You shouldn’t go mousing in the cupboards.  You’re too big.  You’ve put on weight out here.”

Cairbre squawked a final time and hop-flapped over to Irian.  “You’re on a no-mouse diet.  You’re too fat to fly.”

“Now that my cat is too fat to fly, why did you come today, Elanor?”

Elanor looked at her fingers.  “To offer to make you a new arm and leg, as payment for what I did to you.  James will vouch for me.  His arms have some of my work in them.”

James interrupted.  “Had.  Had some of your work inthem.  Ask Irian about what happened to my arms.”

“You challenged me to armwrestling.  You didn’t have to do it, you know.”

I know.  But yes, she’s very, very good.  Irian, show her what you’ve figured out.”

“Before we do that, someone is kicking me in the bladder.  Which way?”

Irian held up a pitcher.  “Sorry, here’s mine.”

“That’s disgusting.  What if…”

Irian cut her off.  “Don’t ask.  Believe me, I fully intend to make that my first act with two arms and two legs again.”

They all laughed as James pointed the proper way down the hall.

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