Chapter Seventy-Four: A Kittychicken In The Cupboards

Cairbre knew he was gonna get that crunchywarmfood.

Every time he turned around, he knocked over more things.  And the crunchywarmfood kept hiding under the things.  So he knocked over more things to get to it.

Ouutside the cabinets, everyone knew there was something wrong in the kitchen.  The pots would fall off the hooks, the cabinets would fly open, but there was never anything in them.  The kitchen was starting to get a reputation for being haunted, and most people tried to argue with the assemblers for meals.  The assemblers were never meant for food, only inorganics, so it was random chance at best and dangerous at times.

Inside the cupboards, Cairbre was trying to catch the crunchywarmfood still.  Boxes fell, the doors opened and Cairbre tumbled out, the crunchywarmfood in his mouth.

Everyone happened to see the spectacle-and Cairbre was then promptly carried, squawking and chewing to Irian’s room.

When he got there, the TALLREDONE was in a conversation with someone he didn’t know.  Cairbre, half a mouse in mouth, sat down to watch.

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