Chapter Sixty-Nine: The Erstwhile Chimney Sweep

Cairbre looked around his room.  They had shut the outside when they tossed him in on the sleep.   The other outside, the big one, was shut too.  Cairbre didn’t feel like getting swatted with the sweep, so he didn’t mess with it.  There were no holes for crunchywarmfood that squeaked, but he didn’t fit in them anyway.  He continued to look.  Across the walk on he saw what could be his way out.  There was an old warm, full of black and not very warm.  Cairbre chuffed and chortled a bit as he inspected the warm, and noticed he saw up when he looked up.  If he could see the up, he could get out, he thought.  But how to get to the up?

He tried simply climbing the side of the warm.  It wasn’t going very well, though.  He fell over and over, getting covered from smell to talk in black.   It didn’t taste very good, either.  He was trying to climb up one more time when he fell, and this time his wings got caught.  Cairbre shrieked in pain.  His wings were supporting his entire weight as he was lodged in the chimney.  He quickly got all of his paws under him and pushed, taking weight off the wings and easing the pain in his shoulders.   He was still protesting, when he saw how to get out.  He pushed upwards, and spread his wings.  They caught the sides of the chimney, and he pushed his feet further up.  Slowly he crept higher, the pain getting worse in his wings each time.  After what felt like to Cairbre three eternities, he emerged bedraggled, soot-coated and bleeding from the chimney.  He spread his wings.  One made a popping sound, and it hurt to move.  It didn’t matter.  The TALLREDONE hadn’t figured out what Cairbre had been trying to say.

With a pained squawk, Cairbre took to the air in search of him.

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