Chapter Sixty-Three: Cairbre Gets the Mouse

After they all left the room, the first thing Cairbre did was help himself to the biscuits.

Afterwards, he stalked toward the pantry.  He didn’t know the word “pantry,” but he knew what mice were.  Mice were crunchywarmfood that squeaked, as opposed to the crunchywarmfood that hopped.

He could still hear them talking, their human voices not mattering a thing to the furry creature.  All Cairbre knew was that the TALLREDONE shone like a beacon, and that the TALLBROWNONE was bright, as well.  These two were bright, but it was different-they didn’t smell the same bright.  Oh, scratch that, crunchywarmfood.

After he chased the crunchywarmfood to a corner he couldn’t escape, Cairbre licked his paws, then his whiskers, then his paws again.  What had he been thinking… Ah!  There was something the TALLREDONE could use in the dirt outside!  Cairbre set about finding his way outside.  Doors-shut.  He started stalking along tabletops looking for open windows.  However, cat with wings are not meant for table.  Something tipped.  Warm got on his feet, and he decided it was what TALLREDONE tried to share with him earlier.  He decided to drink it.

When NOT-TALLBROWNONE came in, there was a lot of sounds he didn’t know.  Then, he was picked up and hurled outside.  Perfect!  He allowed himself to purr in the sun a bit, then wandered around to the field.

Cairbre told himself this was all for the better good.  The kittychicken was a foot deep in a hole, he was dirty, his feathers were matted, and kittychickens was not built to dig.  Suddenly, he found what was smelling so sharp, and he dragged it to the surface.  After that, he proceeded to tell TALLREDONE and TALLBROWNONE what a good kittychicken that he was, and asked for warmbrownwet, and whitecowstuff, and a crunchywarmfood, and a bath, and everyone hurry up i’m a kittychicken and i has a important and oh don’t forget the food and-

His tirade was cut off by TALLREDONE coming out to see what the noise was about, and he stooped to pick him up.  TALLREDONE picked up the sharp smell and looked at it (why he didn’t smell it he’d never know) and then scratched him under the happy and behind his listens and held it up for TALLBROWNONE to look.  They carried him in and NOT-TALLBROWNONE dumped him in a tub of water, and then there was the best surprise of all-there was whitecowstuff!

Cairbre didn’t notice too much past that, other than that they let him on the sit and put him by the warm.

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