Chapter Fifty-Four

About the time that the Prince was cut down, Musashi-sensei was checking screens on the Harvest creature that had just fallen.  Just as he was getting ready to set  the screen down and issue the cleanup orders, an alarm flashed at the edges of the screen.  He moved the screen in closer to his face, to make sure he was seeing the warning properly.

All vital signs had stopped for the Prince.  He was dead.

Musashi set to trying to hail anyone he could.  Elanor’s Link communicator was turned off (very strange,) Mishti and Lakshmi were not responding (in fact, their vitals pinged flat as well) and the Link for Thor and Namid was destroyed.  Irian never carried one, so finally, he pinged the Prince’s.

“He’s dead, he’s dead and he’s gone and they’re gone and she’s gone and and and-”

Ouray was trying to take in all that it meant.  He knew the Prince was dead, he knew the twins were dead, but the rest of it was a mystery.

He reminded Namid to compose herself.

“Irian’s left us.”

“What? Why?”

This wasn’t good at all.  Was anyone able to think any more?

“Poisoned.  By Elanor.  Who tricked someone extremely powerful into killing the Prince.  No, there’s no chance he’s just knocked out.”

When Namid pointed the camera at the prone body of the Prince, his breath caught in his throat.  What, or who, could do that?

“The twins are dead.  Thor is banged up pretty bad.  I’m tired, but that’s about it.  I’m going to find Irian.”

Good, bad or indifferent, he knew she would, too.  In fact, if he was poisoned, she might be his last hope.

“What can you do for him now?”

“He needs his sword.”

She stopped the communicator, and the panic alarm went off.  Ouray’s vision went gray, and he slumped against the console.  If all this was true, the Harvest might yet win.

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