Chapter Forty

His blood was fire.  He swung again and again, trying to find purchase in the rocky crystalline hide.  He turned the blade over and stabbed.  He gained the tiniest purchase in the skin-just enough to draw blood-and blood-frenzy took him.  He ran up the arm, using the sword as a climbing axe.  This was the largest thing he’d ever seen, if he had been thinking, but he wasn’t.  Tactic, training, all was swept away in the angry buzz of the aether in his blood.

Hariel saw him ascend the arm.  Even though they had been rivals, he was impressed with his bravery.  Then his aether-changed eyes sighted what his nose had already told him.  Irian was hurt, and hurt badly.  He charged on, root blade flickering to clear a path.  He wanted a rematch, but he had to do something if he was going to do anything about that in the future.

The Prince’s eyes spotted them first-partly because he was above them, but mostly because his eyes were far sharper than any of theirs.  In the distance, Irian was still trying to slash at the head of the monster.  It wasn’t working.  He shouted directions to the group below.  “Namid-do you have any Fireflies with you?”

“I always carry at least one-why?”

“Don’t ask why, but when you see it, shoot it in the forearm with one.  Both forearms, if you have two.”

“Whatever you say, sir-is Irian OK?”

“Irian’s gone insane.  We have to buy him some time.”

Thor hefted his hammer, even at a full run.  “We’ll see how tough this creature is-Fenrir was big, too!”

The Prince laughed.  “Aye, that it was, but that was a mutation.  Basilisk was created.” 

Thor nearly lost his grip on his hammer.  “Who would create something like that?”

“Someone with a vested interest in the removal of humans from this planet.”

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