Chapter Forty-Three

In its primitive brains, the creature felt fear.  It had never hurt like this, and it was having trouble breathing.  And now, its vision was going dim.  It had to stop the pain.

The creature threw itself to the ground and rolled to throw off the invaders.  The Prince was still airborne, so he was unaffected, but Irian fell to the ground, dropping his blade in the process.  He hit the ground with a resounding thud.  Elanor saw it happen, and she ran towards him, but he was moving again, quick as lightning.  The aether arcing down around her caught her attention again, and she used the spooler on her Link to return fire, bending the aether to her will even as the creature used it to attack her.

She was concentrating on the points producing it.  Land enough shots on one, and it overloads, tearing itself to pieces.  Shot by shot, she overloaded one of the ports by the eyes.  It exploded, tearing an eye away with it.  The creature rolled again. 

Hariel and Thor had both jumped as soon as it began to roll the first time.  Now they were running in step to renew the assault on the ragged forearm.  Thor reached it first, swinging the giant hammer’s pick end at the elbow joint.  He knew he couldn’t break the far larger elbow joint (the bone was nearly the size of his waist) but he concentrated on the exposed tendon.  The first blow split it, and the third severed it.  The creature collapesd, then got up on its remaining five legs, the sixth flailing wildly.  Hariel grabbed Thor’s hand and pulled him off the creature, and they ran to the other side to see if they could cripple the other forearm.

Irian was already sprinting, chasing along the creature’s back toward the head again.  His sword was below him, but he didn’t care.  Blood streamed from his nose and ears.  He made it to his intended target.  There was a larger eye in the midst of the group on each side of the head, and he aimed a punch at it.  It quivered, and the lid shut.  Not to be daunted, he hooked a hand in each eyelid and forced the eye open again.  His second punch ruptured the cornea, vitreous humor flowing out and falling to the ground.  Blood welled up and turned blue as he reached into the eye and wrapped his hands around the optic stalk.  He pulled with all his might.  Just as he thought his shoulder would give out from the pulling, it tore free.  The creature turned its attention from its broken forelimb to its face, and as it brought its arm up to remove Irian, the Prince swooped in, liberating the fingers of that limb. 

Hanging above the battle, the Prince let his weapon droop.  He gauged the situation and raised it again.  He didn’t expect to make it out of this battle this time. 

Fitting then, that he fought with a scythe.

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