Mediated Cross-Link Aether Transferrance in Hemocyanin Systems

In the last communique, we covered the toxicity of aether in both pure and impure forms in humans: we’ll refer to that as the hemoglobin response.  The prevailing theory in the places that still study seems to be that it is reacting with the hemoglobin adversely.  The reasoning for this idea is twofold.

Primus, we have the uptake in animals presenting oxygen transfer systems that are copper based (hemocyanin.)  The animals seem to actually utilize aether as a secondary energy source-almost as a replacement for adenosine triphosphate, utilizing it alongside as a secondary source of Gibbs free energy.  This allows for the rapid growth and mutation seen in hemocyanin-based organisms (normally running the gamut of arthropods) as well as the prodigious size.

Secundus, for those that know, the Kindly Ones also exhibit hemocyanin-based systems.  In them, aether actually does replace ATP, for reasons unknown.  Their circulatory systems, while in large part identical to ours, are stronger overall as the hemocyanin is extracellular, and the aether/copper molecule bond is a significant amount larger than hemoglobin.   In addition, this is why the original theory that they were some alien race gained so much credence-when cut, the Kindly Ones bleed clear, with the blood turning blue on exposure to oxygen.

What is most disturbing is the amount of energy that this supplies them with-practically boundless in certain individuals.  While there may be finite limits to their endurance, our testing has not  found them.

In addition, this allows certain ones to power weaponry with their very blood.  No matter how similar we appear, we and the Kindly Ones are vastly different.  Prevailing opinion is that the Kindly Ones and their machines are one-a most interesting, if strange proposition.

Remember this when working around the technology-and the Kindly Ones.  Full precautions, every time.

Elen Llydawc

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