Chapter Thirty-Six: War’s Toll

Lakshmi and Mishti were tearing away, as well.  Whip and chakram coursed, laying waste to all that they touched.  Thor would occasionally spare them a glance backward, but his attention was focused on the battle at hand and he didn’t have much time to watch them. 

What happened next made him sure that he should have made time.  As the dust cleared from the vermin, Irian slowly came down.  His eyes descended, and he slumped to the ground, exhausted.  The Queen was seen fishing around in her Link’s storage container for something, and Namid dropped her bow and tried to catch Irian as he fell.  As Thor crossed the open field to them, aether energy coursed over his head-striking both girls dead on, killing both instantly.  There was nothing left for the healers to do for them-what was left wouldn’t fill the storage in a Link.  The Queen was oblivious, as she jammed a syringe of stimulants into Irian’s neck and depressed the plunger.  Namid tried to stop her, but she was too fast for her.  Namid drew back, and struck her full across the face.  She knew Irian shouldn’t have tried to fight, and this was only going to make things worse. 

Irian rose, and picked up his sword.  Blood wept from his now sightless eye, and he coughed up more as he walked forward.  As he began to approach the behemoth in front of him, the Prince landed his skimmer and threw his pack off.  He took a single look at Irian and turned white.

“Elanor, what have you done?”

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