Chapter Thirty-Three

“Who wants to baby-sit the vampire?  What kind of comment is that?”

‘Well, I don’t see you holding a weapon.  I’ve never seen you train for a combat drill.  The only thing I’ve ever seen you do is try to suck out my soul.  How do you not need babysitting?”

“First, that was a kiss, you idiot, and second…”

She activated a few switches on her Link.  The air crackled and hummed with aether, a sharp burnt ozone smell coming from the gears on her forearm.  After a few seconds’ delay, the Link discharged-straight at Irian.  He held up the sword to parry.  The spooler spun up as the blade absorbed the attack.

“That’s interesting.  The vampire isn’t defenseless.  OK, come on.”

“So I’m still the vampire?  What gives-have you never been kissed?”

Irian said nothing.  He shouldered the blade and took off at a run.  Thor hefted his hammer and did the same.  Namid shrugged, gave her a look that told her that was the most pitiful thing she’d ever seen, and gave chase.

The queen looked at Mishti and Lakshmi.  They were just as confused as she was.  Nothing left to gain in the exchange, they followed.

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