Chapter Thirty-Two

Irian caught an unfamiliar scent.  Fear, death, aether.  Dust.

He lifted his head, breaking off his conversation with Thor.  This was big. He didn’t like it.  It was big enough to make him uneasy.  Why hadn’t they given him a weapon as well?  Aether glass was rare enough, sure, but the rest of the team had it…

Never mind.  Cernunnos, God of the Hunt was with him.  He’d never failed when he felt His presence. 

The transport jerked to a halt.  Before the doors opened, he was relaying orders.  “Namid-cover us.  Thor-point.  Lakshmi, Mishti-guard our rear.  And you, vampire-stick close.  I have a feeling that what we’re up against would find you very crunchy, even if it would make it sick afterwards.”

There was a stifled titter of laughter.  Some of them had never heard Irian make a joke.  They didn’t know he wasn’t.  The doors opened, they fell into their positions.  All around them, support teams were gathering, people piling out, setting up tents and hauling out boxes.  A shout from one of them drew Irian’s attention.

“Over here!  You’re the one that needs this, right?”

“This” was a long box, clearly marked as dangerous.  The box was talking.  Good old Prince, and his stolen tech.  “I am the property of one Irian Pendreic!  Render me to him immediately!”

Irian ran to the man.  He eyed the box expectantly.  The handle waited expectantly for him to grab it.   He did, and at the same time, muttered “shut up, Locksley”-which had the intended effect of quieting the lock.  The case fell open, revealing a blade much like the blackpowder blade that the Prince had fought with-if its blades had been made of aether glass, with a spooler and collimator like on a Link in between the twin blades.  It was fully five feet long, tip to tip-the pommel was another twinned blade.  The wide guard would protect both hands, and mercury flowed in the spaces in the blade. 

“All right people, we have a monster to stop.  Who wants to babysit the vampire?”

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