Chapter Twenty-Eight

Somewhere on a convergent path, Hariel stalked the wilds.  Blade in hand, he snarled his warning.  Something smelled sickly, rotting, wrong.  His new aether-fueled senses told him that much.  What, exactly, his eyes hadn’t told him.  But he was hunting.  This shouldn’t live, let alone move-and whatever it was, it was both big and full of aether.  It sort of made him hungry. 

He was getting used to his newfound strength and abilities, and even though he was forced into a bestial existence, his brain did not allow him to degenerate fully.  He still tried to recall passages from books, lessons he studied, lectured he half-listened to.  Being alone was the problem.  If only he could find some people…

He lifted his head and sniffed.  There was something else coming.  A large concentration of aether, headed this direction.  There were new smells, most weak, but two were like wildfire in his nose.  One was so similar to the one who had imprisoned him.  He snarled again at that smell, and scented the wind again. 

The other, of course, was Irian.  Mayhap this time it would be different, he thought.  If for no other reason, I’m no longer his enemy.  I have bigger fish to gut.

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