Chapter Twenty-Six

Namid was watching all this going-on with a morbid curiosity.  She was trying to piece together the events that had brought this on, and she was pretty sure that the picture it painted was neither pretty nor happy.

Namid had watched Irian since the first day she had seen him.  It was kinda hard not to, what with the height and the red hair.   Often she had watched as he trained as the other students went home for holidays, and wondered why he stayed.  As he grew, and she grew, she learned more of his sad history.  She learned that after he was found, he came to Sanctuary to live, and that was all he had.  She watched as he grew in power and stature, and not in the eyes of his fellow man.  He was a genius, and his work was glossed over.  He was a brilliant tactician, whose ideas were assigned to others.  He was the fiercest fighter she’d seen that wasn’t of her people, and a drugged-up student with an unlawful weapon had been allowed to ruin his face and nearly kill him.  She looked at him, and for the first time saw that the ruin of a face wasn’t the measure of him, and something fluttered in her stomach. 

At that point Namid, to her sorrow, realized that she had feelings for her partner and squad leader.  Intelligent woman she was, she pushed them to the back of her mind.  He didn’t need her clouded in any way.  Jerk or not, he knew how to fight, in fact it might be all that he knew-and that knowledge saddened her.  She spent the remainder of the trip in pensive silence, hoping the Great Spirit had not turned his eye or his ear from their battle.

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