Chapter Twenty-Five: Going Gaelic

Irian was in the transport, waiting.  He had cajoled and wheedled for the heavy blade, but the Prince’s orders were firm-he was not to use his allies for power sources.  As he sat resigned to yelling orders from the sidelines, the Queen tapped him on the shoulder. 

What came out of his mouth sounded like attempting to swear through a mouth of grease-and to her estimation, was just as nasty.  She asked him to repeat hiself.


“I don’t even pretend to know what that means.  I’m pretty sure it isn’t Englic, though.”

Namid and Thor shook their heads.  Namid was worried.   She’d never seen him lose his cool, and he was quite obviously angry.  The Queen was taking it the wrong way, and she felt very sorry indeed for the girl, as she was truly afraid of what would happen if he got truly angry.  He was dangerous, then.  To everyone.

Especially himself.

The Prince appeared on a screen in the transport.  He was explaining that Irian’s work had created the weapons that they were using.  It took him a bit to catch that everyone was shrinking back from him, as if they were expecting him to hit any of them.

“Is something wrong?”

“I don’t think so, but what’s a streppoch?”

The Prince paused for a second.  “Irian, that’s not very nice.  Don’t call names.  Especially not that one.”

The transport was a quiet huddle.  The battle of wills between student and teacher was going to be an epic one, they thought.

“Irian, you got a new toy too.  It’s being sent on a different transport.  Don’t be petulant.  And don’t treat her like an aether outlet.  It’s not becoming.”

Irian’s terse reply was in Gaelic still.  He was reverting to his first tongue, whether in anger or something else was yet to be determined.

“I’ll handle that.  THAT was an ill-advised move.  When you return, report to me.  This does need to be addressed.”

“And no more swearing.  Yes, I understand you.  No, I’ll not say what you said, but you had better keep a more civil tongue.”

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