Chapter Twenty-Two

As the Prince sat down to work, a short blonde walked in, carrying an intricate piece of gearwork.

“What you got, small one?”

She showed it to him.  Fear raced across his face.

“Class B, blood type blue.  Where is it?”

“Headed toward Sanctuary, moving fast.  At least one, conflicting reports say two or more.”

“Get Thor.  Get Thor, Lakshmi, Mishti, Namid-”

“Irian, sir?”

Irian was passed out.  His body was still healing, and he didn’t wake too long.  If they threw him into battle, there could be trouble.

“No.  You’re teamed with Namid.”

“Me?  I last saw combat…”

“We all know when you last saw combat.  You’re not working out enough.  You can do this.  Keep your Link.  It’s talking to my system here-if necessary, we’ll bring a larger force.”

She slipped the Link over her forearm, just like the Prince, and turned it on.  Blue sparks shot from it.

“It needs adjusting.  It’s out of time.”

So the Prince pulled out a timing light and reset the drive chain.  Couldn’t have a Link malfunction in battle.  They had so few, and he could only make so many…

“What if it’s a dead zone?”

What if, indeed.  If it was a dead zone, then the link wouldn’t function, her main weapon would be dead as well and she wasn’t as skilled with a traditional weapon.

“Wake Irian.  Do it yourself.  He’s now your commander, but he’s your responsibility.  Only he and Namid can buy you time if it’s dead.”

“Thor, Lakshmi and Mishti?”

“Still going.  If you have any lesser stuff with it, they’ll clear it.  They work only with each other.”

She shifted from foot to foot.  She wasn’t looking forward to this.

“You’ve got to go, small one.   Sanctuary depends on us.  This isn’t something we throw students at.”

“Yes, sir.”  She turned and ran down the hallway.

The Prince turned to his desk.

“All personnel, report.  Class B Harvest sighted.  All teams on standby.  Thor, Mishti, Lakshmi, Namid, Irian and the Queen are headed out.  I repeat, ALL on standby.  Healer teams A through C ready for onsite deployment.  Bring full trauma gear.  Target is moving toward Sanctuary.  I repeat, target is moving toward Sanctuary.”

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