Chapter Twenty-Three

Irian was startled by the door closing, but he didn’t wake.  The sleeps were getting lighter, but he wasn’t out of the woods yet.

She crept closer to the bed, hoping he didn’t strike her.  She had heard he was dangerous even asleep-and Namid’s beautiful hair…

His fan sat by the bed, his blade in the corner.  At least he was unarmed.  Her Link could stop him if necessary.

She crept closer to the bed.  His face was buried in the pillows.  She cautiously tugged at one so as to uncover his face.   He gave no resistance.

She studied his face.  While scarred, there was a lot of beauty to her in his face.  She thought that even asleep he looked sad.  He snorted and rolled onto his back.

Right then she bent and kissed him right on the open mouth.

Next thing she knew, she was airborne.

Irian was sitting up in the bed.  His mouth was still open.

“What the hell just happened?”

The Queen was not used to people swearing.  To her it just made him better.

“I woke you up.”

“With your tongue?”

“Ummm, yeah.”

What’s the meaning of this?  Decent people can’t sleep without vampires attacking them!”

It was becoming very clear that he had not enjoyed it as she had.  No matter.

“We have to go.  You have to come with me.”

“I have to do what?  First a vampire attacks me, then it tells me to go with it.  Am I the only one that thinks this is strange?”

“Since you insist on doing this the hard way, orders of the Prince himself-Class B, type blue, on its way to Sanctuary, may not be alone, may be a dead zone.”

Irian swore in Gaelic.  He got up, took a few steps and fell again.  His vision was double.

“Come on, we can’t sit on the floor all day!”

“I’m trying here!  I have to get dressed.”


“Can you wait outside?  Sheesh, vampires are weird.”

Undaunted, the Queen sat outside Irian’s door until he emerged.

“What now?”

“I brought you a shakla.”

“Least vampires are civilized.”

The queen followed him as fast as she could.  She was beginning to think to herself how to keep this one.

He was powerful, and power had its advantages.

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