Chapter Twenty-Four

In the ready room, Namid was already there, in full battle gear, playing with new arrows.  These had blue tips.

“Aether arrows.  Your research, I believe.  You might be useful after all.”

Across the room, the other three warriors were readying new gear as well.

The male of the group was huge, easily seven feet tall and probably pushing fifteen stone.  He hefted a giant hammer over his shoulder and looked at the box from the labs.

“A hammer made of glass?”

The Queen spoke up at that point.  “Not glass.  Well, not exactly.  Namid, an arrow please?”

Namid obliged by spitting out one of the arrows she had in her mouth.

“Next time, less slobber.  Anyway-”

“Don’t let her fool you, the vampire like slobber.”

“Now is NOT the time to start with me!”  She waved the aether-tipped arrow threateningly.  She then reached over and sliced off the pick end of Thor’s hammer.

Thor was at a loss for words.

“Glass, huh.  Try the new one, the old one is broken.”

He picked up the new hammer.  It was bluish aether-impregnated glass, with a mercury weight inside.  They could watch the mercury flow though the spaces in the crystalline glass.  He made a test swing.

“Hope it’s not too heavy for you…”

Thor said nothing, but it WAS heavy.  Shouldn’t be a problem, he thought.

The other girls had similarly redesigned weapons.

“What about you and Irian?”

“I’m well armed, trust me.  As for Irian, we don’t know yet.  Irian-”

“Where’s the heavy blade?”

“The WHAT?”  She knew what he meant-the experimental heavy aether saw that he had designed at Sanctuary and built while here.  It was sharper than anything here, but it took all his strength to pick it up.  Also, the cooling pack was a problem.  “How would you use that?”

“Plug it into you.”

He knew her secret.  She was an aether conduit user.  Plug into her was a crass way of saying that she could be used to power the blade long enough for cuts.  She blushed bright red.  “How did you know?”

“I can smell the aether on you.  As well, after your stunt I can taste it, too.”

Namid turned bright red then.

“You mean you two-”

“No.  The vampire decided to try and wake me by attempting to suck out my soul.”

Namid turned crimson.

“What did you think you were doing, anyway?”

The answered at the same time.


“Had to wake him up somehow…”

Namid suppressed a laugh.  “I’d try a stick.  Did he get you too?”

“Tossed me across the room.”

“Well you don’t have enough hair to be a target.”

The Prince came over the speaker.  “Both teams, ready to go?  Irian, we have a surprise for you too.  Just not here.”

“You sent a vampire to suck out my soul.”


“Later.  You owe me.”

“That’s neither here nor there.  You must all go-there’s not much time!”

They gathered themselves into the steam car, and waited as it clamped to the tracks.  All of them were deep in thought, preparing for the mission at hand.

As the car gathered steam, they watched as the world engulfed them and the track led underground.  They had all made this journey out, none expected to go back.

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