Chapter Twenty: Gearwork in Oilcloth

After Irian got off the transport from Sanctuary, he was immediately shuttled around to be shown off.  He wasn’t sure he liked that idea.

First was to see the training area (where’s the monsters?  “Hiding,” Ouray said) and then the mess hall (you’ll have to teach them that drink of yours) and thither and yon across the main hall.

“Care to tell me exactly where we are?”

“We call it ‘Home’.”

“Obviously enough.  But where?”

“We’ll have a training session on that.”

“I see.”

They finally stopped at Irian’s new quarters.  It was nothing like his old ones at Sanctuary-this was hewn of solid rock, with a heavy oaken door.  Ouray grasped the doorknob.  “Ready to see your new home?”

“Of course.  I’m beat.  Still recovering.”

“I noticed you can’t open that eye.  You’ve had enough for one day.”

He opened the door for Irian, who was getting kind of pale.  They both shuffled in with bags and boxes.  Ouray shut the door behind them. 

“In here, you can work, train some, read, and maybe rebuild this…”  He gestured to a box in the middle of the floor.  Inside, Irian saw, was a complex assembly of gears, crystals, tubing, and gates-his computer in progress!  He was stunned-he hadn’t mentioned needing it, but here it was, albeit somewhat damaged…

“Yes, I know, it’s not perfect.  We didn’t have you there to take it apart.  But, I’ll be sending around someone I’m sure you’ve heard of to help with the repairs.”

“Later, I suspect.”

“Well yes, I have to go attend my sister.  You’re lucky they didn’t make you two room together-it’s common for partners to do so.”


“Yes.  Now I have to go see what to do about her hair.   Dangerous move, Irian, even if it was warranted by the situation.   At least she’ll respect you as a warrior now.”

“Good luck.  Send her my apologies, I merely meant to startle.”

“I shall.  We’ll see what good it does.”

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