Intro: Show and Tell

He wasn’t sure what it was, but it was pretty.  It was blue, shiny, and felt warm.  When it got dark, where the trees were over the path, it glowed.  He was sure his parents would want to see what he had found in the woods, and he was sure it was important.  His little legs carried him ever faster towards home.

“They say the Natives drove off another expedition of our boys, dear…”
“Maybe they’ll learn that they have a country, and to leave that one to them.”  At that, the door slammed open.  A short, red-haired child charged in, half-carrying half-dragging a long, sparkly blue object.  It was vaguely sword-shaped, and it was leaking a warm, clear, sharp-smelling fluid.  As they stood there watching, it melted into the floor, leaving the child’s hands covered in a sparkly, luminescent liquid.  Even that disappeared in a matter of seconds, and the only trace left was the child’s blue-tinged irises, subtly glowing in the approaching dusk.

“Mamaith, did you see it?  Did you!?

There was no reply-the back half of the house was obliterated, as something large and alive tore through it.  His father was gone in an instant, and his mother fared only little better, caught in the rake of twin tails and flung against the only remaining wall.  Her final word was “Irian-“ as the creature tore through the debris toward her and latched onto her throat.  A quick twist of its neck, and the woman’s hair, the same color as the blood flowing from the stump of the neck, was the only thing holding it in the creature’s jaws.   In its eagerness to feed, it had become entangled in her long hair, and as it shook its head to attempt to free itself, the child took up a twisted length of pipe thrown free from the wall and speared it to the ground.  Both their eyes glowed bluish as they stared, both knowing if the roles were reversed the same would have happened.
As the creature gasped its final breath, the boy drove the pipe into the floor, rooting the corpse still standing.  As he stepped back, an arrow plunged into the corpse, inches from his face.  Behind him, a group of at least ten men were watching in shock.

“He just killed a drake.”

“With his hands.”

He turned around and looked at them.   They had forgotten for a split second that this was still a boy, probably no more than eight, and he had just seen his parents killed right in front of his eyes.  As they stood there with no idea as to what to do, he fainted.

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