Chapter Two

Chapter 2

Back in his room, he added the broken training swords to the pile waiting for recycling, and turned on the shower.  As it reached temperature (he liked his scalding) he threw his training gear in to wash, extra soap, double cycle-as always, or the blood wouldn’t come out.

As he performed this routine, he thought about what the professor had said.  They were impersonal, only going by “Professor”, with no other title or name.  This was to insure that nobody got too close and tried to guilt them into easier treatment or got on their bad side and recieved worse.  This was a school, after all-not a prison.  Everyone was to be treated fairly, and given every chance to succeed.  Some, like him, took those chances.  Others tried to cheat their way through.

The shower’s alarm woke him from his reverie.  He stepped in, moving quickly to scrub off the blood, sweat and mud from that night’s training session, and by proxy, the shame that he felt for having nothing but this.  At holidays, the other students went home to fine meals, family and merrymaking, while he stayed here and practiced.  True, none was his match with a blade, but they all had things he didn’t, so he figured it balanced.

He caught himself dozing off in the shower, and woke up right before he fell.  He then stepped out, dried quickly and took the few extra seconds to order a large, extra strong shakla from the desk in his room.  He had tried the stimulant pills that some swore by, but in the end they had let him down, and he couldn’t afford that.

He looked at the time.  Amazingly, he had three hours before class.  He decided to tell the desk to keep it warm, and he laid down for a bit of sleep before class.  Normally he slept while the other students studied, did work assignments, or just goofed around.  Then, while they slept, he would go and train all night, when some of the fiercer creatures roamed.  Dangerous, yes, but at the same time it yielded a sharper mind and stronger body.

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