Chapter Three

Chapter 3

He awoke with a start.  The clock hadn’t gone off yet.  It was the same dream that he had every time he trained this hard.  Maybe it was a functionality of letting himself get this tired.  Possibly, it had to do with letting some unknown barrier down.

It could just be that he was a boring dreamer.

It always was the same.  He stood on a beach, in a strange uniform, wielding a strange sword, looking toward the sea.  The waves lapped at his boots, and he always half-remembered someone speaking to him, telling him of some great destiny.  He was never sure though-trying to hold onto the fading dream was like trying to grab pouring sand.  It just couldn’t be done.

He rolled over until the alarm went off.

Dragging himself from the bed, he started the boiler for his computer.  Scavenged from anything he could find when he could and hand-crafted when he couldn’t, there was hardly a match for it on the campus grounds.  Very little could boast of more power, and none were more complex, as he had wound all of his own tubing and forged his own aether conduits by himself, taking quite a bit of time in doing so.

As it warmed up, he dressed for school.  Since it was such, and not a military base, he had some leeway in dress, so today he chose black form-fitting shirt with silver filigree work at the hems, black fatigue pants with bandolier style belting, and his heaviest, most imposing boots.   Aside from the fact that they fit him best, they let him carry the remote interface to his computer with him so as to always be able to monitor what was going on, and to help with especially difficult research.

He wound his chrono and put it on, and remembered his goggles just as he was rushing out-today was Aether Theory, and he had no wish to be blinded…

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