Chapter Ten

There’s a lot to repair after so long asleep, and Irian was finally getting on top of things.  Much of his free time was spent prospecting for cairngorm, the heavy, smoky black quartz that aether goggles were made from.  Irian was determined, as usual, to improve on the design he had previously been using.

His spelunking expeditions were sanctioned by a Professor, but even so he had a feeling he was skirting the line of what was a good idea.  He wasn’t finding much by the way of good crystals, either-some here and there that he could work with, but mostly trash-fractured points, flaws, inclusions, pseudomorphs and the like.  This cave had obviously been the center of a lot of geologic activity.

When not caving or in class, his time was spent getting the new pieces of his computer ready.  Every gear was polished, every conduit plated, and this time the pop-off valves and waste collection system were included.  Large amounts of it were made of the cast-off cairngorm  that he was collecting, as it was safe, and yet allowed for the aether to be viewed, as a visual indicator of what was going on.  In the center of the machine was a reservoir built of a cluster of crystals, hollowed out with adamants and worked smooth by hand.  He had worked many hours on it, and the included junctions and gates.  He still had more to go, but it was still quite impressive.

As he was polishing the stone one day, a light knock was heard at the door.   When he opened it, all he found was a single sheet of paper.  On it was a single sentence.

“You are invited to tea.”

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