Chapter Six

Chapter 6

As Hariel stepped in to end his opponent’s life, faster than sight a sword snaked out, removing the blade of his weapon and gathering his attention.  Hariel, not one to be daunted, used the remaining half to break a Professor’s arm, and then grabbed a first-year student and held the blade to her throat.  A crimson bead swelled up and began to flow down her neck.

“I won, you saw that!  I beat him and I beat you, old man!  Get out of my way, I’m leaving!  You couldn’t ever teach me anything anyway, so it’s time I left here.”  As he said this, he failed to notice the third professor that caught him from the side in the temple with a bokuto.  He fell bonelessly, releasing his captive.  Already, students were screaming about the blood, and one of the Professors radioed the infirmary.

“We need a healer team, best you have as fast as you can move them.  Both subjects are heavily injured, one may lose an eye and the other appears to have aether poisoning.  Poisoned one is extremely dangerous, bring full restraints.  For your fathers’ sakes, hurry!”  The students took notice.  To hear a Professor swearing like one of them, the situation must have been serious.

Unnoticed in the crowd, a professor scooped up the belongings of Irian, included the crushed goggles.  He silently disappeared as quickly as he came.

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