Chapter Nine

Chapter 9

Resuming life wasn’t easy.  The aether goggles were gone, casualty of the fight.  His vision was unclear for weeks, as his body adjusted to the new position of his orbit.  His computer had suffered a series of ruptures as without his maintenance the aether circuits had built up deadly pressure and burst.  That had necessitated quarantining his room, and the people returning it to order hadn’t done the greatest job.

He had lots of catching up to do, and time on the school computers was tightly rationed and less than fruitful, especially as his computer had been one of the most powerful there.   He did have a windfall in that his Aether Theory teacher “accidentally” dropped a set of plans on his desk that would restore many of the circuits to top form, and improve other areas as well.

“Irian, have you seen my diagrams?”
“Yes, they’re on your desk.  Did you need something?”
“No, do you have a copy of them?”
“They’re very protected secrets.  I guess you all know by now I had worked out some of it, but this is amazing.  It’s even further than my research had taken me.”
Yes, we wondered about that.  Be a good boy and put those in your satchel before I forget they’re there and file them.”
“Are you sure?”
“No, and don’t ask me again, about a student messing with aether without goggles.  Such dangerous work, especially as apparently nobody cares to search the caves for cairngorm.”
Yes, teacher.  I won’t mention it.  The last student had to have his room deactivated for a week.  Poor design wouldn’t vent properly.”
“Yes, we wouldn’t want that to happen again.  If you see that student, remind him that he shouldn’t try that again.  And, let him know that was one of the most elegantly designed systems I’ve ever seen.  If he ever gets ambitious enough to try it again, I should like to see it.”

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