Chapter Eight

Chapter 8

It’s a strange thing, seeing the world again after being asleep for a long time.

The healers continued to monitor his vitals, but they were strengthening.  Slowly but surely his strength stole back into his limbs, as battered muscle tissue regenerated stronger than before, as scar tissue formed over the weeping rent in his face, as his brain tried to make sense of the final few moments of consciousness.  It was a long, arduous journey back from the night, and long he had swam alone in those ebon waters, without purpose or direction.

No one but himself knew just how close he had come to diving to the bottom of that vast sea, and trying to find a way out that way.  It was a far grimmer, quieter man that awakened to meet the healers that had worked for weeks to save his life.

He didn’t tell anyone he was awake for a few hours, merely listened to the wheezing of the bellows as they assisted his lungs, and enjoyed the smells of the healer’s quarters-the aether changer, that could revive those at the brink of death, the assorted liniments and poultices, the coppery-sweet smell of dried blood, and a heavy disinfectant that mostly masked a smell of old vomit and death.  Even in a school, such happened in these times, and it lingered here, like an uninvited party guest, who nobody brought but everybody knew was there.

One especially observant healer finally noticed him sigh and brought his status to the attention of the head of the order, who came in directly to see him.  Instead of starting a conversation though, she called his name and merely looked at him, as if all that needed to be said between patient and healer was contained within the glance.

Maybe it was.

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